There is nothing as disappointing, discouraging, confusing and somewhat infuriating as having to deal with a disciplinary case. Recently my friend’s 16 year old son was suspended from school for allegedly (still in denial) inciting other students. It happens that he is the chairman and founder of the journalism club and thus he carried the responsibility of informing his fellow students of what’s happening around them. Everything was going well for the straight A student until he recently decided to up his game and carry out ‘investigative journalism’ , this saw the death of the career /co-curricular activity . As you would expect the students got excited and the teachers, well let’s just say were it not for divine orchestration he would have been shipped to Timbuktu immediately.

He had to go home and explain to his parents what really happened. This did not go very well since he was given a “little reminder of the law”. His actions may have people questioning his parent’s ability and competency in raising the young man. It had me wondering, did they make him too confident, did they give him the impression that he could mess up? Did they spoil him? Thank God for his father who was quick to point out that they are darn good parents and is always firm when it comes to his children’s discipline.

Where am I going with this? Every parent is always hopeful that they never have to deal with a discipline issue. However, despite you doing your best, you can’t control everything; once in a while a few things will go wrong.

What matters in this kind of situations is how you react. Your reaction determines how well or not so well you proceed. I would recommend a few steps of dealing with this.

First and foremost accept that it has happened. We all never think it will happen to us, we all think our kids know better than to make mistakes but life has a way of proving us wrong. When it does, please accept as this will help you find a solution much faster.

Secondly, please avoid extreme measures. Our first instinct may be to take extreme actions that may not be warranted .Disciplining when angry may not be the most effective, calm down and deal from that point .Remember you can’t take back your words, so don’t say anything you might regret.

Finally, don’t condemn your child, it doesn’t help. Pray that God gives you the grace to forgive. This will help you be in a better mental frame to help them.

Most importantly keep a keen eye on the kid and give them a chance to change. Also, if you want to change their environment by switching schools, don’t stress! Patashule is here for you.

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